iFlap: Clinical Problem Solving in Reconstructive Surgery

Just Released! iFlap™ is an innovative app for clinical problem solving in reconstructive surgery. This app features 86 workhorse flaps that are key to reconstructing most defects. The underlying structure of this app is based on an algorithm which provides surgeons with decision trees to help them identify the best flap solutions and fall-back plans for specific reconstructive problems.

The app is divided into three distinct decision pathways: flap type, anatomic region, and defect type. It provides you with the basis for choosing the best flap for each reconstructive problem and will be an invaluable tool when performing reconstructive procedures with autologous tissue.

Illustrations and animations are used to demonstrate the nuances of the anatomy, dissection steps, and arcs of rotation for each flap. Key features of each flap are highlighted in the sidebar for easy reference.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 82 clinical algorithms
  • 86 workhorse flaps for reconstructive surgery
  • 496 illustrations depict anatomy, markings, and flap dissection
  • 82 animations show arcs of rotation
  • Interactive, intuitive template makes this app a valuable resource that is both easy and enjoyable to use
  • Comprehensive and full featured