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Mastering Volume in Facial Aesthetic Surgery

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In this video Dr. Tonnard and Dr. Verpaele demonstrate how different minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures are combined to produce a final outcome that is comparable in results and stability with more extensive, invasive facial rejuvenation techniques. Instead of offering every patient a facelift and an upper blepharoplasty, they provide patients with a variety of facial rejuvenation options. The artistry of facial rejuvenation surgery consists of choosing the right combination of procedures. Often a synergistic effect will be seen when the right procedures are combined. Among the procedures added to a MACS-lift are: liposuction, microfat grafting,laser resurfacing, lip lift and corner lift, canthopexy, rhinoplasty, earlobe reduction, short-scar temporal lift, fillers, and neurotoxins. In this way every patient receives personalized treatment, ensuring an optimal result.

This video demonstrates the following:

  • Preoperative facial analysis and markings
  • Infiltration and fat harvesting
  • Upper lid augmentation blepharoplasty
  • Perioral sharp needle intradermal fat grafting (SNIF)
  • SNIF and nanofat grafting of the neck
  • Submental liposuction
  • Short-scar cheek flap preparation
  • MACS-lift loop suture placement
  • Short-scar temporal lift
  • Perioral erbium laser resurfacing
  • Postoperative results

2014. 1 DVD, 2 hours.